Advanced Training Program: Treatment of Difficult and Chronically Eating Disordered Patients

Borgess Hospital hosted a four day, intensive course developed for the advanced eating disorder specialistled by Dr.Amy Baker-Dennis. The sessions covered:

  • Understanding the neurobiology of eating disorders
  • The stages of treatment for eating disorder patients with borderline personality: An integrated approach (Psychodynamic approach coupled with DBT/CBT)
  • Clinical implications and treatment strategies for patients with comorbid depression, substance abuse or trauma, sexual abuse and PTSD
  • Treating children and adolescents with eating disorders – a family therapy approach and parent coaching strategies
  • Treatment of eating disorder patients with comorbid personality disorders
  • Managing chronically eating disordered patients
  • Relapse prevention
  • Theoretical orientation and case conceptualization. confronting countertransference issues
  • Understanding what patients you work best with