Art Hop Exhibit News: Special Deadline Extensions

Eligible individuals: Currently struggling with an ED, have recovered from an ED, family members that have been involved with the care and well being of a loved one during their struggle with an ED, and health professionals that are a part of ED care teams

(The art and the accompanying paperwork needs to be submitted to one of the healthcare providers on your ED recovery team.)

Since we have extended the deadline for several projects, we are extending the deadline to everyone. (After all, it is only fair.) However, if you will need us to provide a temporary frame for the art exhibit it will need to arrive, with the filled out form, in the next two weeks. If your work is a digital arrangement, we will need it on a flash drive, with the accompanying software if needed (and the filled out form - which can be sent electronically - but not on the flash card) within the next three weeks to make sure that we have the time to prep. If your work will already be framed or does not need to be framed, please provide it and the required paperwork to your health professional (or have them confirm your status) no latter than January 20, 2017.

Mirror project: What we see in a mirror is a social construct. We will have a group piece comprised of individual submissions. If you are local and wish to be a part of the mirror collection, along with the authorization paperwork, you need to submit an altered/enhanced mirror with positive messages on the mirror, so that as you look at the mirror you see yourself and the messages that uplift and positively support you and the reflection you see in the mirror. Though it is a group project and therefore your name will not be posted for public viewing, it will be posted on the back of your mirror so that it may be returned. Consequently, it is still important to fill out the information on how you would like to be identified, so that those setting up and dismantlement the exhibit see the identifier you choose to use.)