Art Therapy: Confronting Our Inner Selves

by Laura Smidchens

Art therapy is often done by specially-trained therapists that adjust the artistic medium to better match the clients and their needs. While some methods allow persons to express them- selves in less permanent forms, such as working in sand basins with figures and other items, other methods provide a more permanent form. Either type of art gives clients a safe way to explore themselves and their relationship to their eating disorder (ED) and the world around them.

Whether looking at their goals and the roots that will help them achieve those goals....


Or looking at their relationship with others...

Or their relationship with their ED...

The medium and skill are not as relevant as the insights and the personal gains that are made.

The art samples shown in this volume were submitted for display in one of SMEDA’s public awareness Art Hop exhibits. The artists chose pieces that helped express their current or past relationship with their eating disorder.

Our next Art Hop exhibition is scheduled for February, 2017. Please go to our website for further details.

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