Not In My Classroom...

Danny does her best to fit in and do well in school. She works hard to earn good grades, even if she does not always manage to earn acceptable scores. Overall, she is a good friend and student with a secret.

In the morning she manages to get up and dress in plenty of time to catch the bus, but tells her mom that she does not have time to eat breakfast. At school she eats half of the cereal bar that her mother insists that she take with her and throws the rest away.

Danny is proud of her ability to stay on her “diet” and control her hunger, skipping snacks and eating only half of her lunch her mother packs for her. Today Danny is determined to do better than yesterday.

Arriving home, she lets herself in as she says “hi” to the babysitter before heading up to her room. Knowing that she will be left alone for the next hour to work on her homework, she pulls out her hidden “treasure chest.” Mindlessly she begins to eat a bag of cookies that she downs with the soda she snuck up to her room yesterday.

As she eats, she regularly goes into her bathroom to vomit before returning to her stash and her homework. By the time her hour is up her “treasure chest” is empty and her throat is once again sore.

Ashamed and depressed. Danny quickly hides the evidence and tries to air out her room and the bathroom masking whatever smells of vomit refuse to escape out the window.
To avoid eating dinner with the family, she says she is going over to a friend’s house and then tells her friend’s parents she already ate. This gives her time to work out in her friend’s room to punish herself for binging.

With her chest and throat hurting from the vomiting and visions of the blood in her vomit still in her thoughts, she goes to bed promising herself that tomorrow she will have better control. Tomorrow she will stick to her “diet.”

Danny is a model student—a model of a student with bulimia nervosa.

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