A Fling with Spring: Time to Make the Shape

Spring is just around the corner and it is time to think of all of the fun that we are about to have...spring flings and formals, track, and summer wear.

Just a Few Pounds?
This time of year, students are starting to think about losing a few pounds to make the track team, fit into that special dress, or just to impress their classmates. Whether your students are in elementary school or high school seniors, there is a temptation to start watching what they eat and exercising a little more. Unfortunately, moderation may be set aside by students prone to develop an eating disorder.

Good Food Vs, Bad Food?
Food myths tend to become exaggerated as extreme diet- ing and exercise occur. While some foods have greater nutritional value than others, moderation and making sound choices are the keys to a healthy lifestyle. As students further restrict their food choices, they often begin to categorize foods as "good" or “bad.” In so doing, they are attaching emotional baggage to their food while disconnecting themselves from the concept that eating can provide both needed energy and pleasure.

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