Ask the Expert: A Physical Therapist's Perspective & Advice

We are excited to start off our series by interviewing Scott Miller, PT, MS, SCS, CSCS. He is a partner and Director of Clinical Operations for Agility & Sports Performance. Scott is a board certified sports clinical specialist and a certified golf fitness instructor - Titleist Performance Institute. Scott and his team have worked with many area student athletes, the rehab world provides a new perspective when we begin to discuss weight, nutrition and health.

When assessing the well being of an athlete, what are the criteria that you use?
“As part of our normal physical therapy evaluation, we have each patient complete a comprehensive medical history questionnaire. The patient is asked to comment on whether they are currently experiencing recent weight loss > 10 pounds or if they are on a special diet. As part of our history assessment, we will further question the athlete on specific eating habits or the occurrence of amenorrhea or oligomenorrhea (in the female athlete) that may correlate with their current musculoskeletal problem. Our primary goal is to screen each individual for any medical red flags that could be related or unrelated to their condition in order to successfully manage each individual. In many cases, the sports physical therapist becomes an advocate for the athlete.”

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