Promoting Health instead of Size: Teaching Children to Care for Not Compare Their Bodies

Myth #2: Anyone Can Be Slim if They Work at It: The “right size” is essential...for everything
In our society, the “right” weight and BMI have become a poor proxy for health. This leads to incredible stigma for those who are unable to achieve it. As humans, there are many choices we can make and many things we can control. One can choose to eat healthy foods at regular intervals and seek to let their body move (exercise) in ways that they enjoy. One can get adequate sleep. One can’t decide to be 5 inches taller than their DNA has instructed or naturally change the color of their skin or eyes. Why do we think we can control weight and remain healthy?

Prior to entering puberty, it is normal for girls and boys to gain weight. The human endocrine system needs to insure that the caloric capital necessary for their changing bodies are available before embarking on the second fastest growth rate that humans experience. Unfortunately, during this pre-pubertal phase, our children are often labeled as “getting fat.”

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