Spring Fling -- Summer Training Begins

Whether students are shedding their multiple layers of winter clothing or starting spring training for sports, this is a key time to watch for eating disorder signs.
Wearing baggy clothing is a common way to hide dramatic weight loss from watchful eyes. Now that students should be shedding those extra layers in response to warmer weather, this type of dis- guise will stand out. While long- sleeved and loose clothing is not diagnostic for an ED, it may be the first visible clue that a student is trying to hide weight loss or other self –injurious behaviors.

Some additional signs may be:

  • reluctance to eat in front of others playing with food rather than eating it
  • visiting the bathroom right after consuming food
  • Dizziness upon standing, cold intolerance or early fatigue with physical activities.

Students who are actively monitoring their caloric intake and avoiding food may possess an extensive knowledge of calorie and fat content of various foods. They may also feel compelled to purge to compensate for their food and beverages. This can manifest itself as intentional vomiting, fidgeting, or excessive exercise at recess or other free periods.

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