"I'm Thankful You're Not Me"

by Adriana Lewis

As Thanksgiving nears it starts to be a time where people reflect on their life and be thankful for everything they have. This year I’m thankful for those who are not like me and do not live like me.  I’m thankful for those who will actually enjoy their thanksgiving meal and eat their dessert. I’m thankful for those who will focus on time spent with family and not time spent on what and how much they ate. I’m thankful for those who will eat leftovers for days to come. I’m not thankful however, that this will not be me.

While those around me enjoy their meal I’ll stress out over every forkful I put into my mouth. I’ll appoint my husband my food body guard and push me out of the way of any dessert that may try to “endanger” me. I’ll focus on whether or not my family saw me put that third spoonful of mashed potatoes into my mouth or whether or not I finished my stuffing. Instead of leftovers I’ll eat lettuce and carrots for days to make up for me feast, which quite honestly probably will be a normal sized plate of food but to me seem like the Mt. Everest of dinners. This will be my Thanksgiving.

I’m told it is a mindset and I have the power to change it. If that were the case this article wouldn’t be written. My Thanksgiving would look like the typical American Thanksgiving. My fear is that I’ll never be able to change and be thankful for the same reasons everyone else is.. I know one day I may not be here to express my thanks if I continue on the path I’m on. One day at a time I suppose and hopefully one day will be a year from Thursday when I can say “today I’m thankful for my meal.”

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