Southwest Michigan Eating Disorders Association Kicks Off 6 month Project on Instagram: Recovery Uncovered documents recovery journey

Southwest Michigan Eating Disorders Association Kicks Off 6 month Project on Instagram
Recovery Uncovered documents recovery journey

Kalamazoo, MI, August 16, 2017– Recovery Uncovered documents the recovery journey of several southwest Michigan individuals on Instagram

Southwest Michigan Eating Disorders Association or SMEDA, will be kicking off a unique community awareness project entitled “Recovery Uncovered” on September 1st 2017. The project, part curated art project, part resource directory and part recovery journal will document the powerful stories of recovery from an eating disorder of a number of people living in southwest Michigan. Their journeys will be documented on Instagram from September 2017 to February 2018. Each month will feature a different theme starting with “Setting the Intention” and ending with “A Life Worth Living.”  Along the way these survivors will document visually what it took to recover from their eating disorder.
“Recovery isn’t a straight trajectory up; there are ups and downs along the way. We wanted to document what that looked and felt like.” says SMEDA board member and caregiver parent, Angela Morris. Along the way, participants will share some of their favorite resources.
People can subscribe now to “Recovery Uncovered” by searching on Instagram or going to the SMEDA website at and signing up there to follow the journey as it unfolds.
People seeking help and inspiration for their own journey to recovery will find this project helpful. As well as professionals, caregivers and others who want to have a better understanding of the effects of this terrible illness and the tremendous effort it takes to make the journey to recovery.
“We wanted to make sure the final theme for the project was ‘A Life Worth Living,’” explained Morris. “That was a phrase we frequently heard in therapy for my daughter. In the darkest times it was hard to imagine, but we wanted to present this journey to show people that there is hope and there is – most definitely – a life worth living out there waiting for each one of them.”
SMEDA is still accepting applications from eating disorder survivors, who would like to share their recovery journey as part of this project. Interested individuals should contact .