What Has SMEDA Been Up To Lately?

SMEDA's Current Outreach Activities

Bronco Bash:
SMEDA set up a booth at the 2017 Western Michigan University Bronco Bash on Sept. 8th. Students could sign up to win one of several prizes - including a $25 gift card to Down Dog Yoga or a one-hour free nutrition consultation with Trina Weber, registered dietitian. A beautifully-decorated wooden frame was available for students to take selfies with signs that read, "I'm with beautiful!" or "I'm worth it!" Over 60 students showed an interest in SMEDA!        -Trina Weber, MS, RD, LLC    (See FB for photos from the event.)

Instagram Project:
Part curated art project, part recovery journal, Southwest Michigan Eating Disorders Association has undertaken a unique community awareness project entitled “Recovery Uncovered.” . The project documents the powerful stories of recovery from an eating disorder of a number of people living in southwest Michigan. Their journeys will be documented on Instagram from September 2017 to February 2018. Along the way these survivors will document visually what it took to recover from their eating disorder.
People can subscribe now to “Recovery Uncovered” by searching on Instagram or going to the SMEDA website at http://www.southwestmichiganeatingdisorders.org/ and signing up there to follow the journey as it unfolds.

SMEDA is still accepting applications from eating disorder survivors, who would like to share their recovery journey as part of this project. Interested individuals should contact 123smeda@gmail.com .

-Angela Morris